Category: Exhibition
Type: Bologna, Cosmoprof 2017


The Challenge

  • Concept
  • Project management
  • Furniture design

R.A.W. is a brand new line of products – up to 100% natural – from the American division of Biolage. The stand, conceived for the worldwide launch of the product at Cosmoprof, has been devised as a “natural” place where customers can regenerate themselves, going from beauty treatments for their hair to moments of relaxation in areas dedicated to resale and advice.

The materials used are recomposed woods, LED lights and, to reduce noise, inserts of stabilized lichens, which combine the philosophy of the product with the space of the concept.

R.A.W at cosmoprof 2017biolage raw popup store milanobiolage raw popup store milanor.a.w. stand - dettaglio del pannello con licheni stabilizzati
biolage raw popup store milanobiolage raw popup store milanobiolage raw popup store milanobiologhe R.A.W. stand

... at the same time the architect must have an ability to imagine and to create, an ability that is sometimes called fantasy, sometimes dreams

Jorn Utzon, 1948